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The Art of Fitness Chicago was founded by Terry Young, a certified personal trainer and master karate instructor. Terry Sensei as he is known by many of his karate friends wanted to bring a high quality fitness center to the community in which he lived. 

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The Art of Fitness Boot Camp

Total Body Boot Camp

Looking for a great early morning workout for the the entire body, then our boot camp is just what you need. You'll work your entire body using body weight exercises, dumbbells, barbells and of course kettlebells. Our boot camp is designed to give you a great resistance training workout, great cardio conditioning and we always work the core. The class is led by a team of highly qualified fitness professionals with backgrounds in personal training, martial arts, running, boxing and much more. is just what you need. It's beginner friendly and a great workout with music that will inspire you to do more and get more from your fitness. We gurantee that you will get stronger, leander and develop great muscle endurance.

Class Schedule - Monday and Wednesday 5:30 am to 6:30 am


We're certain that you've seen your share of boot camps, however we'd like to assure that we offer a complete package and do care about seeing our clients reach their fitness goals. Where possible we will provide consultation services and we do provide dietary feedback, which is essentiall to reaching and maintaing a healthy weight. All in all we want our clients to look good and feel good about themselves at all times.”


Terry Young